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Our plans scale with your business, so you can always afford the best personalization for your customers.

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$ 19 / monthly

Ignite Your E-commerce Personalization Journey

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  • 10K AI-Generated Recommendations/Month

  • Unlimited Visitor Insights

  • Support for 2K Products

Growth Package
$ 49 / monthly

Propel Your Online Store Growth to New Heights

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  • 30K AI-Generated Recommendations/Month

  • Unlimited Visitor Insights

  • Support for 10K Products

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  • 75K AI-Generated Recommendations/Month

  • Unlimited Visitor Insights

  • Support for 25K Products

Frequently Asked Questions (Pricing)

  • What's included in the "10K AI Recommendations" feature?

    This includes up to 10,000 AI-Generated Recommendations every month for products tailored to your visitors' preferences.

  • How does the "Infinite Sales Tracking" work?

    Track unlimited visitors, capturing all their interactions, sales conversions, and behaviors to optimize your sales strategy.

  • Is the "Effortless Setup" compatible with all e-commerce platforms?

    Yes! Our standard integration ensures smooth setup across major e-commerce platforms. If you need assistance, our team is always ready to help.

  • How real-time is the "Live Data Insights"?

    • Get instant access to all your visitor data, helping you make informed decisions on the fly.
  • How do "Dynamic Product Recommendations" boost sales?

    By providing relevant product recommendations, we elevate user engagement and potentially increase your average order value.

  • Can I expect regular updates with "Latest AI Upgrades"?


    • Absolutely! We continuously refine our AI to offer you the latest advancements in recommendation technologies.
  • Why is the "Streamlined Data Script" important?

    Our optimized data scripts ensure efficient and accurate data collection without slowing down your website.

  • What insights can I get from the "AIDA Buyer Insights"?

    Decode every stage of your customer's buying journey, helping you target them more effectively.

  • How does "Tops" benefit me?


    • Quickly identify which products are driving your sales and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly.
  • What's "Product-Attribute Mapping"?

    Align your products to what your customers prefer, enhancing their shopping experience.

  • Are there extra charges for "Exclusive Benefits"?


    • These benefits come as part of our packages, offering custom integrations, onboarding, and tailored training.
  • How does the "No-Cookie Assurance" help my customers?

    By offering a cookie-free experience, users' trust in your platform increases, and you stay compliant with privacy regulations.

  • How can "Deep CX Analysis" refine my marketing strategy?

    Understand your brand perception and customer expectations, allowing you to fine-tune your personalization and marketing approaches.

  • Can I upgrade my package to accommodate more product imports?

    Certainly! Our scalable options ensure you can grow as your business does.

  • Is there a trial period or demo available?

    We offer live free demos to showcase our platform's capabilities. Please reach out to our team to schedule one.

  • Do you provide custom pricing packages?

    Yes, we offer tailored pricing based on your specific needs and usage.

  • How do you handle security and data privacy?

    Apart from our cookie-free assurance, we employ top-tier security measures to protect both your data and that of your customers.

  • What if I face issues or have questions post-purchase?

    Our priority customer service team is always on standby to assist you. Reach out anytime!

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